Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Due any Day

I am due any day! And what a new experience this has been. I am having all these contractions that I did not have with my first one... Everyone is saying that it is great that I am having contractions because that means less time in the delivery room. We will see. My first labor was, to put it lightly,... intense! The nurse that helped deliver my son said that she has been an o.b nurse since 1982 and that mine was the most severe labor she has ever seen... So, I am loving all these pre-labor contractions... happy pre-labor to me...


  1. How exciting!! This is a wonderful time in your life. All the best.:)


    My Meddling Mind

  2. How exciting! It is true that the 2nd is easier! My 3rd was the easiest ok she was adopted! But my 4th was easier (3rd delivery) BY FAR!!! Fellow follower from mbc Kristy

  3. How great!! Wishing you a wonderful and very fast labor and delivery! Enjoy meeting your new angel!