Thursday, June 23, 2011


Looking forward to cleansing and having a new start... So whenever I have tried to "lose" weight in the past I always have a hard time. For several reasons...1) I never know where to begin 2) I feel like I am never starting in a good place, and 3) If I do end up having some high calorie, high sugar item I feel that the whole thing is ruined and that I have to start from square one... And it is so challenging. However, with nutritional cleansing I feel that it gives me a starting point, I feel so refreshed and it truly feels like I have a clean slate to start with. I love it! And the weight release in the first couple weeks is amazing which really helps keep you motivated... It really is an awesome way to get ready for summer. If anyone is interested I would love help coach you through your cleanse and share results and keep each other accountable... Also I am ready to assist 3 more people to create the lifestyle they have been seeking... Contact me...


  1. That's brutal but I hope you can do it! Your blog is so cute! Following you from MBC! Hope you'll follow back!!

  2. Hi! From MBC, love your blog - please follow me back at