Thursday, June 16, 2011

For all you SAHMs

Good Morning, Happy Thursday, and Happy blogging! I am reading a great book right now and it just really is making me realize the importance of child rearing (not that I didn't already know) because sometimes you can get caught up in what's going on in life and you sort of forget how important it is for us to raise great people, future generations... I feel a lot of pressure from society when I say that I am a stay at home Mom. I feel sort of unaccomplished and that really is terrible. I am a whole person and woman and more importantly my children are whole people too. So a huge shout out to all you SAHMs just really know that you are doing something very important and don't ever let society or anyone make you feel less accomplished. You have a HUGE job and responsibility... All things with love...


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  2. I so know what you mean. Check out my post "I used to be smart" on I found you on MBC. Following you now.

  3. I stay at home with my two boys and I hate feeling like I have to justify everything :) New follower from MBC, you can find me at