Friday, March 2, 2012

Being Committed...

From E.Schar
I learned recently, and had a great lesson about commitment. Pretty much since the time I got married most every person I know has been so uptight and concerned with rate at which my husband and I do things. They are so controlling over things such as: us having kids too fast, or buying our ranch and creating too many projects. They were upset and judgmental when we got a new dog! I mean really! When we started to demo and remodel the house (which we are still doing as yes it will take a while), everyone is just in stitches about what we are doing and how long it is going to take, and so much work. And I look at it all, and think that it is all wonderful and completely exciting. I truly never look at the "negative" side of it because I really don't think there is one. But everyone seems to have an opinion, even if their road has never gone down a similar path. I am excited about it all, and if you really stop and think about it, that is all life is, really. Its work and time and projects and lives to take care of, and fun and LOVE. And if you never fully commit to anything, you are going to spend your life aimlessly floating around with no purpose, because you were to scared to commit your life to something, and just do it with all your soul and being. I always say and have said for years, that if you are going to do something, do it 100% don't ever half ass anything. My saying is this, and I quote " Buy into what you're doing". If you aren't fully into what you're doing change it. Life is too short and goes by so fast. If you spend time doing things you don't like, and are not committed to, you will wake up an old man or woman and have nothing. So, with that being said, I am fully committed to mu life, and my family and all my little endeavors. Nothing can change you except you, and the only things people complain about are the things they can change! Think about that one! I think I will write about that tomorrow! That's all for now. All things with love :-)... For your life...


  1. Had a great post for you - but my computer just deleted the whole thing. But maybe that's best. In the end, other's fears are not yours. Other's judgments are not yours to take on. Your Grace and Love for "them" is what's makes those fears not yours! You are are wise and committed to your life; and not words or actions can take that away from you.

    1. Thank You for the words of wisdom, truly. I appreciate the encouragement. Sometimes the voices of others can upset and cloud your thoughts and I am just trying to stay away from all that. I want to just have peace and understanding in my and my children's life I don't want to breed negativity or judgement into the people I am raising. Just trying to find our own peace in the world. Thanks again :-)