Wednesday, March 7, 2012

From the Heart...

From E.Schar
Morning! Great to be here again. Loving this spring weather, however, I am still waiting for rain.
I wanted to write something today that I deeply feel to be real. It seems so easy to be pulled into the negative and judgmental side of life. You can so easily slip and find yourself feeling superior and immune so to speak from the criticism of other, so in turn you seem to judge more and have harsher opinions. I know this, for I feel that at one time this was how I was. I am not sure why some people are like this, perhaps it is the way one is raised or the people they are surrounded by. However, years ago I become very enlightened so to speak, and had an epiphany. What I could across on my journey of reading books and attending events, is that we are truly, all one in each other. We are all part of a grand scheme and bonded by human nature. The one thing that "separates" us, is our ego. It tries to tell us that we are different and and we are right! If we all thought of each other as one and that when you speak poorly of each other, you are inevitably speaking poorly of yourself. You are judging yourself... We are all just energy, all from the same source and yes we come from different places and we are on different walks of life, not everyone's road is the same, we as a being are all one. Have an open mind and heart when it comes to others. We are all beautiful and strong, we all can have all the things we desire, we all have the power to change, and we are all strong. It is something we have to find within ourselves, and learn to teach our children.
For Your Life... XOXO...

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