Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too Cute...?

My niece shows up the other day and is really wearing this... It is adorable right? I mean I am sure that the 80's look coming back or being in is scary to some, but to me I love it! Bring on the bright green tights and leg warmers. And that's the thing, she was "working out" in this brightly colored get up. Than to really top things off my sister shows up with her little one and that's when I had to start snapping. Look at those 2 adorable little creatures. Okay 3. I am not too sure what the little gal on the right thinks of her chubby white cousin, but I think he is loving it...
Just too cute...


  1. Love the picture! Totally an 80's flashback. And the kiddos are so cute!

    Thanks for stopping by - yes, I love composting now :) I do put a wide variety of items in - everything from torn cardboard and dryer lint to plant clippings. I don't get a lot of greenery in it since we don't have a lawn. I'm determined to have that Sun Chips bag gone by this summer LOL

  2. she is adorable! i feel old ;)

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    xo, shari