Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yesterday was all too MUCH...

Yesterday. I really had a rough day. I am 35 weeks pregnant and had to do the doctor visit thing. On my way to the office it was raining so I turned my head lights on, I arrived at the Doc office, saw the doc and everything was wonderful. After leaving the office and getting in my car I realized my head lights were left on and my car battery was dead. So... not a big deal we have all dealt with a dead car battery and ever since I got the car I have been famous for leaving the head lights on and killing the battery, this was not my first rodeo. I asked a sweet gal in the parking lot for a jump and she was glad to help. Well, upon opening the hood i realized the cap that indicates the possitive and negative sides was missing. I used my best judgement and connected the cables. Let me just say that the smoking and burning jumper cables really gave everyone in the parking lot a start, and a mechanic who happened to be taking his wife to the doctor (got to love them) came over and told me I had hooked up the cables wrong and that is why they were incinerated on the pavement. I was shocked, the poor sweet gal that gave me jump called her dad and was on the verge of  crying so I had to go and hug her (since I felt terrbible, obviously) and tell her it was ok and it was just a set of cables. The mechanic told me that this was a very dangerous situation and I was very lucky that no one got hurt. He got my car started, which he also said was a miracle since a lot of times after hooking up cables to opposite charges the wires in your car will be fried and the cars electrical system will need a complete rebuild. Everyone was so helpful and gracious and I really was fine with all that went on, I was just a slightly shocked. However, it continues... As I am driving home I decide to go through my home town and check on a house my husband and I have been looking at buying. It was a quaint little farm house on 4 acres that hasn't been lived in for about 10 years and needs a complete remodel. We have talked to the owner several times and things looked promising. As I was driving by things just didn't look right. Something was wrong. I had to stop and double take about 12 times. The house was gone! Just completely gone, burned down to the foundation. I was (still am) in shock! I just was stopped in the middle of the road starring in complete and total disbelief. I suddenly had a complete break down and started crying hysterically, and called my husband, balling. He was very sad about the house and said he was so sorry. But, I just felt so alone and is shock, and completely emotional... Even as I am writing this now I am in shock and just don't want to belief it. I had pictured us living there and fixing the house, growing fruit trees, with our babies, and with our chickens and having gardens, and now it is all gone, and I am honestly feeling a little depressed and sad over the matter. Even though I know I should not have gotten attached to a silly house especially one that wasn't even ours, but I really was! I have not been able to find out what happened but am going on the hunt for information today. I am determined to find out how it all happened and without us knowing! It just seems too bizzare... I will post about what happened when I find out the  info... Oh yesterday... Just too much!


  1. wow, super rough day. Hope this gets better.. you'll find a better house and realize it was meant to me. stopping by from the alexa hop (going to check out your advertisers ;-) pls visit me at Sometimes You Win

  2. Oh my gosh what a day!! Plus being 35 weeks pregnant it really intensifies every emotion. {hugs} I am so sorry about the house. Maybe you can get a HUGE discount on the land and build a new home there? Maybe it was God's Gift:) Good luck and congrats on the new baby coming soon!! Focus on that precious bundle and enjoy the last few weeks!!!! :) BTW I am visiting you from the Alexa hop!!! Come visit me sometime when you get a chance!!! :)

  3. Your day sounds like every Tuesday too me. On the bright side at least you were not living in that house because you may have been in side or have lost everything you owned.
    I am a new follower.